ASEZ WAO Beautifies Hicksville's Kennedy Memorial Park

ASEZ WAO Beautifies Hicksville’s Kennedy Memorial Park

On August 4, more than 50 members from ASEZ WAO, beautified Kennedy Memorial Park, a prime attraction in Hicksville, NY. The park is considered a “jewel” of Hicksville because of all the street fairs and carnivals that take place there. So, volunteers launched the project to create a more pleasant area for their neighbors and also preserve the environment.

There were growing concerns from residents about the aesthetic and cleanliness of the park. Hicksville Parks and Recreation department addressed the concerns by removing shrubs, bushes and accumulated litter. And the ASEZ WAO volunteers resolved to lend a helping hand. They created a landscaping plan to make the park more presentable. They also partnered with the Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino to make the project a success.

Making Hicksville Beautiful Again

Upon arrival, Joseph Saladino and Legislator Rose Marie Walker shared encouraging words. They also expressed their support and gratitude for the volunteers’ efforts to make Hicksville beautiful again. Afterward, the volunteers grabbed their gloves, shovels and rakes and sectioned them off to their designated areas. Working in teams, they pulled up weeds and removed litter using eco-friendly disposable bags. They also planted sunflowers and small shrubs around the gazebo to create a more welcoming feeling. In the end, the volunteers were able to collect 20 bags of weeds and 5 bags of garbage.

“The people of the town of Oyster Bay, the residents of Hicksville, everyone who passes here on foot or in their car owe such a depth of gratitude for everyone from [ASEZ WAO],” said Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino. “They’re motivated. You all act from the heart. It’s a wonderful message across America to learn that love for one another conquers hate. Meaningful things like protecting our environment, reducing plastic, bringing this kind of beauty and working together is the best message we can send. And quite frankly we are so appreciative throughout the town of Oyster Bay for making Hicksville more beautiful than before.”

Taking Action for the Well-being of Our Planet and Society

Countries around the world are becoming more vulnerable to climate disasters. So, ASEZ WAO volunteers will continue to work together to reduce our impact on the environment and improve the health of our planet. To see more from ASEZ WAO, visit the Activities page!

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