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ISBA 2024 Winter Camp in the Bronx, NY

The ISBA Winter Camp brought a burst of energy to the Bronx in February, bringing students together for a mix of fun activities and education. Hosted by the International Student Bible Academy from the World Mission Society Church of God, middle and high school students experienced fun, fellowship, and learning, creating new friendships and unforgettable memories.

The camp began with a community clean-up of White Plains Road in the Bronx, showing students the value of caring for the environment. Over the course of the week, they learned about safe internet habits, challenged each other in Bible trivia, and made snacks of love for a cozy movie day featuring “Joseph, the King of Dreams.” The agenda also included an exciting cooking contest where students had to use their creativity and work together to win.

An adventurous trip to the New York City Fire Museum in Manhattan was another highlight of the camp’s activities. Here, the students learned about the history of firefighting and the importance of fire protection, as well as developed their appreciation for these heroes.

Camp Reflections: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Ariana Taveras, a participating student, shared her thoughts on the impact of the camp. She said, “I’m thankful for all the opportunities in this camp because today, when I went back to school, one of my friends told me they saw me on Bronx News 12. They were curious about our street clean-up and looked up the church. They thought it was positive and wanted to know more. It made me realize how everything works according to God’s plan. When I told my story, I was surrounded by a group of friends, all listening. I was so happy to be able to share all about it with them.”

As the ISBA Winter Camp ended, students left inspired by the personal and spiritual growth they experienced. Now they wait with eager anticipation until summer when they will once again reunite for another camp.

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