Father's Day Cook-off Hosted by the Church of God

Father’s Day Sandwich Cook-off with the Church of God in the Bronx, NY

Father is a word that stirs up deep emotions. It reminds us of the one who did not hesitate to wake up from early in the morning to work until late in the evening. We think of how our fathers work tirelessly to provide the best life possible. They thought only of their families, all while teaching us the great love that comes through sacrifice. Although fathers dedicate their entire lives to their children, only one day a year is set aside to give thanks to them wholeheartedly. 

The members of the World Mission Society Church of God in the Bronx prepared a special Father’s Day Sandwich Cook-off in order to honor and celebrate the silent and enduring love of fathers. The family event was held as an opportunity for fathers to cook a delicious and original sandwich alongside their children, and share beautiful memories that they’ll both remember for years to come.

Food that Never Spoils

A total of eight fathers participated alongside their children in the friendly competition. This resulted in eight equally delicious sandwiches, each reflecting the father’s love and care to bring joy to their children. The church was buzzing with excitement; the room seemed even brighter with smiles from the parents, children, and members cheering them on for the competition. They grilled ingredients, chopped vegetables, and toasted bread in preparation for the contest. In the end, both the judges and the participants were given a chance to taste the uniquely crafted sandwiches. And the winner was chosen based on votes cast by the panel.

Guests also got to hear the words of life from Elohim God through the seminar, Food That Never Spoils. They learned about the love of God through his command to keep the New Covenant Passover. And about the effort that God put forth to give us the food that gives eternal life. This is a precious gift for all the children of God. Nowadays, people look to satisfy their souls with man-made teachings. However, it is only God’s true teaching of the New Covenant Passover that can restore our spiritual strength, like a home-cooked meal.

Words of Love and Appreciation

The event concluded with an opportunity for the children to share words of love and appreciation to their fathers for their devotion, love and sacrifice. One father expressed his realization that he always felt so energized and thankful after being able to read to his daughter, even though he had worked so hard during the day and seemed to have exhausted all his energy. Through this, he contemplated the love of God who works without rest for our salvation, without asking for anything in return.

The intimate and heartfelt afternoon resulted in much joy and happiness for parents and children alike. The day was rejuvenating and brought new energy and strength. The Church of God will continue to share this love with friends and family, giving all thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for letting us receive the true gift of becoming the children of God.

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Father’s Day 2017

The Church of God hosted a special event to honor fathers. Dads enjoyed quality time with their families, played ping pong and ate from the burger bar.

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