Seal of God Bible Seminar in New Windsor 6

Seal of God Bible Seminar in New Windsor, NY

On Sunday, March 10, 2024, the Church of God in New Windsor, New York hosted a Bible seminar titled “The Seal of God.” 13 guests attended to learn about the way to receive God’s protection and promise of salvation. The seminar wasn’t just an ordinary event. It showed the Church of God’s commitment to helping people grow spiritually and building a community that values seeking the truth.

The event kicked off with a new video highlighting the Church of God’s activities in New Windsor. Attendees got a glimpse of the good deeds of members in the community through their commitment to volunteer service, and felt the sense of family shared among them.

After the video, it was time for some fun with Bible trivia—a perfect way to break the ice. Everyone participated and tested their Bible knowledge. Despite the friendly competition, it was a win-win situation for all. To top it off, everyone left with a special gift—a coffee mug basket as a token of appreciation for their participation.

God’s Promise Through the Seal of God

Excited to learn more, they moved on to the main part of the event: The Seal of God Bible seminar. The message about receiving God’s protection resonated with everyone there, and they were all eager to learn more. Feeling inspired to keep studying the Bible, nine guests stayed to continue learning after the seminar. One person was deeply touched and decided to start a new chapter of faith by receiving baptism.

Afterwards, the guests shared how much they enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming back for more Bible studies. The Church of God in New Windsor will continue hosting more events for the community to learn the amazing truth in the Bible.

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  1. Wow, I can feel the love through these photos. Such beautiful moments captured sharing the amazing Word of God together with friends and family. God bless the church of God for bringing people together with love and hope

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