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Jamaica Bay Cleanup April 2015

The Church of God has had an outstanding relationship with the American Littoral Society for nearly a decade. Working together to clean up the beaches in the New York area has become one of the community service activities that members can’t wait to participate in every year. More than 50 Church of God volunteers attended the cleanup at Jamaica Bay in Queens in April 2015.

Volunteers did not hold back any of their strength to do good for the community and help improve the environment. They equipped themselves with the essentials, such as gloves and trash bags, and the all-important accessory, a smile. They combed the Bay’s coast and picked up anything in their path that did not belong on the beach scenery. Many volunteers had to work together to lift large pieces of debris, like a huge tire and a piece of a dock that was swept away during Hurricane Sandy. A lot of the articles found on the beach were a result of the storm as well as human neglect.

Items were collected and piled up one by one, each item seemingly growing in size as the pile got larger and larger. In just a few hours, so much work has been completed. This feat could have never been possible if it weren’t for the volunteers’ dedication and devotion to a great and worthy cause. After seeing how much trash the group was able to save from harming Jamaica Bay, the volunteers considered the task a job well done.

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