2024 Education for the International Student Bible Academy 13

Empowering Environmental Leaders: Education for the International Student Bible Academy

Fifty students gathered at the Church of God in New Windsor, NY, for an environmental event on February 18, 2024. It was organized by the International Student Bible Academy (ISBA) to foster environmental leadership among youth.

Exploring Climate Choices

The event featured interactive activities such as “This or That” and a Kahoot session focused on climate change, where students were prompted to consider choices like planting trees versus crops or opting for biking over bus rides. These activities aimed to get participants thinking about eco-friendly options and their effects on the environment.

“I’m excited to share with everyone what I learned today,” said Trinity, a tenth grader from New York.

The educational program began with a presentation on climate change delivered by August Kruesi, a world-class scientist and aerospace engineer, and a current high school senior. After this, students worked in teams to do a hands-on melting ice experiment.

Participants were given cups with fresh and saltwater samples, each colored with red or blue dye. Ice cubes were added to these cups, and students watched how they melted, noticing how freshwater and saltwater affected the melting rate.

Waste Management: The Recycling Game

After the presentation, there was a recycling activity to put what was learned into practice. Teams moved through stations with recycling bins and different items to sort, like cans and batteries. This helped everyone identify what can and cannot be recycled, improving their knowledge of sustainable practices.

“My favorite activity was learning how to recycle,” said Stacey, a seventh grader from New Jersey.

Justin, an eleventh grader from New Jersey, said, “My favorite part of this event was learning how recycling can impact our world extremely. And how global warming is a real problem on this earth. Also, I enjoyed the part they taught about reducing global warming.”

Introducing ASEZ STAR

The event concluded with an introduction to ASEZ STAR (Save the Earth From A to Z Students Take Action Right Now), explaining its mission to empower youth as environmental leaders. The presentation emphasized adding environmental awareness to daily life and respecting peers, teachers, and parents.

“I felt very motivated to help the climate as we were able to learn more about ASEZ STAR. Through this education, I want to put into practice how to help the climate more and input that in my school through the ISBA club,” said Valentina, a tenth grader from New York.

Engaging presentations and interactive activities developed leaders who are committed to protecting the planet. To see more ASEZ STAR events, please click here.

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