ASEZ Webster Avenue Cleanup

ASEZ Webster Avenue Cleanup in the Bronx, NY

Webster Avenue Cleanup Hosted by ASEZ

On February 27, Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson joined over 80 volunteers for the ASEZ Webster Avenue cleanup. The students united from Lehman College, Bronx Community College, and Westchester Community College for this effort. They collected a total of 120 bags of trash.

Other volunteers were inspired by the students’ passion and eager mindset to make a difference. Michael Dwyer, a first-time ASEZ volunteer, expressed, “I thought it was wonderful to see so many willing people come out. It’s easy to be voluntold, but when you really want to volunteer your time, and your heart is in it, it is a much better result. I could tell that everyone here wanted to be here. It made the event smooth, efficient, and productive.”

Small Steps Lead to Big Changes for Webster Avenue

The goal was to promote ASEZ’s worldwide Reduce Crime Together Campaign. Students across the globe have united in the mission to clean their communities. Now more than ever, urban areas have become increasingly difficult to keep clean due to the many challenges of the pandemic. Recognizing this opportunity for change, the Bronx ASEZ volunteers have carried out more than 15 cleanups to shine a light on the positive impact of a clean society.

Meggido Colon, a first-year student from Westchester Community College, was happy to participate in the cleanup. He said, “Reducing crime through environmental cleanups is something that is not appreciated or recognized enough. When we are aware of the little things we do, a bigger change can happen over time.” He was also thankful to experience the joy and humility of helping others. He expressed, “Volunteering in the Bronx was a lot of fun, not only for me, but for the well-being of the community. It allowed me to have a more considerate mind. I also have family and friends here, so participating in events like this improves their quality of life.”

ASEZ will continue to carry out volunteer work with a mother’s heart to bring communities together. Since our future is bright, students will share this hope with all those who long for a cleaner and happier world. To see more from ASEZ throughout New York, click here!

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