Lower Falls in Rochester, New York, is a massive 110-foot tall cascade in a U-shaped gorge. To view this gorgeous waterfall, you have to pass through Maplewood Park and Rose Garden, which attract thousands of visitors each year and is noted as the highlight of the Genesee River. Unfortunately, these locations are prone to litter. And with so many people visiting, City of Rochester officials have a strong desire to have a clean and safe park, but struggle to maintain it. Therefore, when the World Mission Church of God in Rochester reached out to the representatives of the city, they were so excited to involve the church and its volunteers in this cleanup project.

On April 23, fifty Church of God members from Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo gathered together wearing their iconic bright smiles, yellow shirts and green vests. Together, they worked hard to remove eyes sores from the trail along the Genesee River by taking out all the tall brush and weeds. They also removed trash, debris, and unsafe objects along the trail. Last but not least, they worked efficiently on the Rose Garden itself. Volunteers cultivated the soil and removed all of the weeds surrounding the rose bushes. This made the Lower Falls trail and Rose Garden look clean, inviting and much more beautiful.

After the cleanup, Sara Lynn Scott, the City of Rochester’s horticulturist, complimented the Church of God and the dedication of its volunteers. Through this event, the City of Rochester discovered reliable volunteers who are willing to do hard work in order to please the community. The Church of God looks forward to more events with the City of Rochester.

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  1. WOW it’s such an honor to be part of such an amazing church that shines the light and glory of Elohim God throughout the whole world!

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