ASEZ WAO Church of God young adult worker volunteers susan b anthony square park cleanup

ASEZ WAO Susan B. Anthony Cleanup in Rochester, NY

On Sunday, July 23, 2023, 40 ASEZ WAO volunteers from Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse united to clean Susan B. Anthony Park and its surrounding neighborhood. This was in participation of ASEZ WAO’s Green Earth initiative, which focuses on cleaning polluted streets, parks and downtown areas. In total, volunteers collected 1,200 pounds of trash.

The Susan B. Anthony neighborhood is a popular historic site in Rochester, NY. Due to the high volume of visitors, it has also become an area affected by pollution. For this reason, ASEZ WAO volunteers partner with the city of Rochester every year to keep it clean.

“This area is an ongoing dumpsite for a variety of junk like tires and old furniture. There’s so much litter that ruins the beauty of this historical place,” said volunteer Fantasia Abercrombie. “The Susan B. Anthony neighborhood cleanup has been an ongoing effort we carry out yearly. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we are here because we know how important it is for the community,” said Fantasia. 

Soribel Pena, an ASEZ WAO volunteer from Rochester, said, “We can change the world through events like this because we are united. The fact that Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse volunteers are here together proves that. We’re from different locations working together, lending a helping hand. This can change the world.”

Unwavering Dedication to a Cleaner Earth

In our day-to-day lives, we may not always consider the integral role our planet’s natural habitats play in our lives. We rely on terrestrial ecosystems as a source of food, materials, and ingredients for products we use on a daily basis. To bring awareness to this, volunteers also gave a panel board presentation on the importance of protecting life on land.

Due to the efforts of the volunteers, Charles Reaves, Deputy Administrator of the city of Rochester, issued a proclamation and certificate of appreciation to the organization. He encouraged them to continue their volunteer work not only in Rochester, but throughout the world.

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