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ASEZ STAR Thank You Campaign With Assemblyman George Alvarez

In today’s society, we rarely take time to say the simple words that can uplift others and ourselves. Those words are ones of gratitude, such as “thank you” and “I appreciate you.”  Student volunteers from ASEZ STAR set out to introduce a change to this current mindset by hosting an appreciation event.

Members from the Bronx gathered together for the ASEZ STAR Thank You Campaign kickoff, with many parents and teachers in attendance. Various musical performances were prepared by the volunteers, including a high school duo and a special choir arrangement. One middle school student prepared a poetry reading, and the keynote presentation was also delivered by middle school volunteers. Though young, the student volunteers delivered a beautiful and professional “thank you” message through these performances.

Assemblyman Awards ASEZ STAR

ASEZ STAR (Save the Earth from A to Z, Students Taking Action Right now), is the middle and high school student volunteer group from the World Mission Society Church of God. Around the world, they are carrying out the Thank You Campaign , which highlights the importance of saying words of appreciation. Assemblyman George Alvarez of the 78th state assembly district of New York attended the event to show his support for the campaign.

Assemblyman Alvarez congratulated the students with a citation from the New York State Assembly for the spirit and drive of the campaign. He expressed to all the volunteers, “Each one of you is changing the world right now. Each one of you is changing the Bronx right now. Each one of you is living out the gospel of God right now. I just want to take this opportunity to also thank your parents because they have done a great job to raise you as young leaders.” He continued, “It is very impressive that the young student volunteers are taking their time to come and participate in this kind of event, given the kind of world we live in today. It really isn’t something you see very often.”

Gratitude Can Change the World

The teachers attending were also moved by the event and performances. Tatiana Graham, a middle school science teacher, said, “I really needed this kind of event at this point in my life. It was beautiful and a great reminder to be thankful in a world where so much is happening.” Another middle school teacher, Malik Branch, applauded the volunteers for their professionalism to host such an event. She encouraged the volunteers, saying, “This is a really good group of people to surround yourself with; what you surround yourself with is contagious and this is a positive influence in so many lives.”

ASEZ STAR will continue to move the hearts and minds of all people through good deeds and beautiful characters. The Thank You Campaign serves as a reminder of a more fulfilling way to live, which is with gratitude. When the youngest in our society are role models, there is no change in the world that cannot be accomplished.

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