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ASEZ Beautification Project at Schiller Park in Syracuse

On April 28, ASEZ students from Syracuse University took charge of a beautification event at Schiller Park. This initiative was part of ASEZ’s Green Carbon Campaign, designed to combat climate change and foster environmental conservation. Volunteers were honored with a proclamation from the city of Syracuse for their hard work.

Invasive species like buckthorn can wreak havoc on native ecosystems due to their aggressive growth and ability to outcompete native plants, posing a serious threat to biodiversity. ASEZ’s aim was to reduce the ecological impact of buckthorn while inspiring others to take action.

ASEZ’s Commitment to Protect the Environment—Starting with Schiller Park

“This goes beyond pulling weeds,” expressed one student volunteer. “It’s about taking responsibility for our environment and feeling a sense of duty towards its protection.”

“Our objective isn’t just to enhance the ecological health of Schiller Park but also to motivate others to follow suit,” affirmed an ASEZ representative. “We believe that by setting an example, we can spark a chain reaction of positive change.”

Park and recreation commissioner Tony Williams said, “I think its opportunities like this today, ASEZ is here currently getting ready and mobilize and help tackle a problem we have in schiller park which is buckthorn. And I saw they [ASEZ], were having fun. That is a key component to keeping these initiatives alive. I would like to thank ASEZ for working with the city of Syracuse today and I look forward to future volunteer efforts with ASEZ.”

ASEZ Plants Seeds of Hope for a More Sustainable Future

ASEZ students felt their actions resonated with the community, leaving a lasting impact. Through their dedication and enthusiasm, they not only transformed a piece of land but also planted the seeds of inspiration for a greener, more sustainable future.

ASEZ students are making strides in multiple locations, including Brooklyn, Cambridge (MA), Rochester, Brockton (MA), Trinidad, and Puerto Rico. The Green Carbon Campaign underscores ASEZ’s dedication to sustainability by empowering students to become catalysts for change.

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