The World Mission Church of God in Long Island hosted a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch on May 14, 2017. The love between a mother and child is so immense and beautiful that it naturally fills our hearts with ardent emotion. Furthermore, it goes without question that a mother’s love for her child is the strongest love in the world. Church members showed their appreciation to their mothers for such love by organizing this special brunch in their honor

The day began with a delightful breakfast served by volunteers of the Church. Families enjoyed savory breakfast casseroles and delicious French toast, served with yogurt and fruit on the side. The event proceeded with a compilation video of the members expressing how much their mothers mean to them. The eyes of the mothers were full of tears as they watched their children answer questions. “What’s the best memory you had with your Mother?” “If you could say one thing to your mother what would it be?” Nevertheless, shortly after the video, mothers embraced their children in their arms.

Some mothers felt compelled to speak kind words to convey their thankfulness, in front of everyone. “My son, you have grown up to become so much more than anything I could have ever asked for and I am so proud of you,” said one mother to her son. As a result, warm and sincere love filled the room. To conclude the event, all the Church members delivered a joyful “We Love You” chant to all the mothers in attendance.

As a token of appreciation, mothers received special gifts to remember the occasion. The members made a fragrant and colorful jar of sugar scrub for all of them to enjoy. Overall, it was a very touching and unforgettable day for mothers and their families at the Church of God.

The bond between a mother and her child is the strongest, yet most mysterious type of love in the world. When examining the root of it, we can understand that the source of mothers’ love is God the Mother. A mother spares nothing to give her children whatever they need to grow up healthily. Similarly, God the Mother watches over our every step, and guides us to the kingdom of heaven. To learn more about God the Mother, please contact us to arrange a Bible study.

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