The Church of God in New Windsor

The Church of God in New Windsor, New York, serves as the headquarters for the Northeast Region. Members of branch locations from Maine to Kentucky gather in New Windsor for special events and Bible education.

Spread across 48 acres of green hills, the Church of God in New Windsor is not just a place of worship—it’s a spiritual home.

This is not your ordinary church—here, the spirit of community comes alive. The vibrant energy of the community converges, creating an atmosphere of joy, fellowship, and shared experiences.

Special events are a regular affair, ranging from heart-pumping soccer and basketball games to soul-soothing concerts. The church pulsates with life during blood drives, family BBQs, and engaging Bible conferences. The Church of God in New Windsor is a dynamic center of activities and connection.

Nestled in the breathtaking Hudson Valley, this church is the perfect place for members from all over the East Coast to gather for annual festivities and events.

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